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If You Can Website Design Updates
Lifecare Medics - Complete.

Our project with Lifecare Medics is now complete. Both customer and staff websites are now life an in use. Take a look! www.lifecare-medics.co.uk

June 20th 2012, #jason.francis@ifyoucan.co.uk

Sherborne Stone - Complete.

The re-design of the Sherborne Stone website is now complete. Bringing the new website more in-line with the perception of the company. An online quoting system for customers is available, making their operation more streamlined. It also has the facility to manage content and images, making easy to maintain. Check it out! www.sherbornestone.com

April 25th 2012, #jason.francis@ifyoucan.co.uk

Portsmouth Scouts - The Project Broadens.

What started out as a simple project has now developed into something far bigger.

The Portsmouth Scouts Website now has many bespoke content management features from user login to a notification system for calendar events and notices.

More detail will be added onto our portfolio page, so you can see what Ifyoucan could do for you.

February 22nd 2012, #jason.francis@ifyoucan.co.uk

Portsmouth Scouts - Launched.

After a number of months under going re-development the new Portsmouth Scouts Website is online and ready to use.

Take a look!

November 1st 2011, #jason.francis@ifyoucan.co.uk

Socially Connected.

If You Can is now online with Facebook and Twitter! So, if we have done any work for you then please like us and follow us on Twitter. You can also recommend us to your Facebook friends using the share link. We’ve put handy little links at the top of every page!

Show us your support.

October 7th 2011, #jason.francis@ifyoucan.co.uk

Progress Update.

So, here's whats going on with If You Can at the moment:

Our biggest ongoing project at the moment is our website design work with Portsmouth Scouts, content keeps flooding in and it really is starting to take shape. Joe is very specific about the content, wanting to get the website just right (as you should). I would say it’s about 60% complete so it’s looking like mid October before it’s finished.

The second design project we are have just started to work on is for Portsmouth Medical Services. Very early on to comment on how it’s going yet. Still planning and designing the website and deciding on how we want the brand to look.

That’s it at the moment, as bits get finished we’ll update for you to have a look at.

October 4th 2011, #jason.francis@ifyoucan.co.uk

Open for Business With a New Site.

After what seems like an eternity we finally have a platform for people to see us on the web. “You were a web design company without a website?” I hear you ask. The answer is yes, we were! We went for a long time doing work for people based on recommendation and because we couldn’t commit to something we liked.

The new website however we are very happy with. We think it has the right brand and the right functionality. It also meant we can keep everyone up to date with progress and really showcase our work.

For the time being... the website won’t change!

October 1st 2011, #jason.francis@ifyoucan.co.uk